Terms of Service

  1. Terms

    1. ADD.ph Management hereafter referred to add.ph
    2. Business users hereafter referred to as business
    3. End users/Customers hereafter referred to as customers
    4. Business webpages hereafter referred to as add.ph website
  2. Termination/Banning/Request for cancelation

    1. When a request by the business' management to take down a add.ph website is deemed to be true, add.ph may do so
    2. add.ph reserves the right to stop service to any business/individual for any righteous reason
    3. add.ph can delete business data as requested by the owner of the business
  3. Customer relations

    1. add.ph is not directly endorsing any business listed in the website unless specified
    2. add.ph will not be liable to settle conflicts between it's users, but will do it's best to do so.